ERC Updates

From the Director of Learning & Teaching

In the last College newsletter issue, students were encouraged to complete a Learning Swot Analysis with students reflecting on their approach to learning this year and what have learnt from the challenges faced. The following is advice to support families make the most of the end of year College report.

Read your child’s report with your son: This immediately indicates openness, and provides direct encouragement and support to your son.

The report should be viewed as a vehicle to move forward: It is important students know they have the ability to modify and change their work ethic or study strategies, and they can improve. Reinforcing that the report is an opportunity to highlight strengths and weaknesses, which will happen throughout their working life through appraisal or performance reviews, can help the student develop goals for next year.

Compare the yearly report to the Semester 1 report and last year’s report: This can be useful to identify specific subject areas where there has been an improvement or a decline. If students have improved, celebrate this achievement. If not, discuss why this may be the case.

Don’t just look at grades, focus on effort also: A child’s performance is not measured solely by grades. Effort grades however can reflect the teacher’s perspective on how hard your son worked and their commitment to learning.

TALK to your son about the report, and LISTEN: Asking your son what they could do next year to improve or maintain excellence is a good start. It would be worthwhile jotting down your child’s comments to establish goals. Reinforcing that a yearly report is a vehicle to move forward is vital.

Establish goals for next year: The report can be read as an instrument to create goals for 2022.

A reminder that all families have access to the Study Samurai Library website – a study skills and well-being website. This is an enhancement on the Study Skills Handbook and includes resources to support students develop essential skills for academic success and a positive mindset.

Username: edmundrice
Password: 13achieve

Congratulations to all students on their efforts throughout the year. As a College we are all very proud of them. Wishing all families a Happy and Holy Christmas and I look forward to working with you in the new year.

Gerry Sozio
Director of Learning & Teaching