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From the Director of Learning & Teaching

Project Based Learning

Students in Years 7 and 8 will be engaging in Project Based Learning (PBL) experiences next week in the Narandha Learning Centre. Project Based Learning experiences involved students learning through engaging in real-world problems and meaningful projects involving the creation of a product or presentation for an authentic audience. On Tuesday and Wednesday, students in the Year 7 Mathematics and Science Enrichment classes will participate in a learning experience that will involve a Mathematics/Science integrated project around rocketry and space exploration. Students will launch seven homemade rockets and then analyse the data of the rocket’s flight paths. Academic representatives from the University of Wollongong and the University of Sydney will also be attending to engage with the students and form part of an authentic audience.

On Thursday and Friday, students in Year 8 English Enrichment, Year 8 History F and Year 8 English B classes will be engaging in an integrated English/History integrated project where they will be learning to design and build an Escape Room influenced by William Shakespeare and the Renaissance period. Through engaging in the Project Based Learning experiences, students will demonstrate teamwork, problem-solving, communication and critical and creative thinking skills. Thank you to Mr Dempsey, Ms Gazzola, Ms Gregorio, Ms Ndaira, Ms Shumack, Mrs Thompson and Miss Tomasi for all their work in preparing the learning experiences. The next edition of the College newsletter will include a coverage of the learning experiences during PBL Week.

Study Samurai Library

All families have access to the Study Samurai Library. The Study Samurai Library includes the Study Skills Module website which provides advice and resources on developing essential skills for academic success. To access the Study Samurai Library website, go to and login with these details:

Username: edmundrice
Password: 13achieve

This fortnight, families are able to spend time listening to Prue Salter speak about Maximising Class time. Click here to access the resource.

Please do not hesitate to make contact if you have any questions.

Mr Sozio
Director of Learning & Teaching