ERC Updates

Founder’s Day Carnival!

Following the high-spirited House Chants, the Founder’s Day Carnival commenced. This part of the day was an exciting event filled with a variety of activities and attractions that kept everyone entertained throughout the day.

One of the highlights of the carnival was the array of carnival games, which included the famous College Teacher Dunk Tank. The Teacher Dunk Tank was one of the most anticipated attractions at the Founder’s Day carnival. Students were thrilled with the opportunity to dunk their favourite teachers and watch them get soaked on what was a fresh Autumn morning. As the day progressed, a long line began to form near the dunk tank, with eager participants waiting their turn to throw the ball and hit the target. Cheers erupted every time a teacher got dunked and it quickly became the crowd favourite.

For those who wanted a bit of a thrill, there were the inflatables, including; Ninja Wall, Ninja Obstacle Course, Hungry Hippo and Giant Soccer Darts.


The silent disco at the Founder’s Day Carnival was a unique and exciting experience that had everyone grooving to the beat. The DJ played a mix of popular songs and dance hits, and it was amazing to see how the different headphone colours moved in sync with the rhythm of the music. Students were dancing and swaying to the beat, and it was a sight to behold.

There were a number of activities run by the Year 12 students out on Keira Park that were designed to challenge students’ accuracy and patience. Students could put their skills to the test at Putt Putt Golf, Archery and Giant Jenga as well as offering some fishing experience to catch a prized duck!

More challenges were accepted by students as they navigated the activities in the middle of the school. Students could shoot it like Michael Jordan, test their strength against Tim Tszyu and challenge Nathan Cleary on his football passing skills. Many students took to the field to kick like Buddy Franklin as far as they possibly could and play Frisbee Golf. For video gamers, the PlayStation and XBox room brought about some competition with Fifa and F1 racing the main attraction!

If guessing was your thing, then the Mystery Lolly Bag and Staff Baby guessing competition was right up your alley. Some tried to count the lollies by eye, while others shook the jar and listened to the sound of the lollies rattling inside. One way to secure the memories was getting your photo taken at the dress-up photos. It provided a space for creativity, playfulness, and memories. It was a fun and engaging way to bring people together and capture the spirit of the day. The Narandha Learning Centre was the place to be throughout the day with Chess, Giant Scrabble and the electronic Chocolate Wheel.

There was plenty of food on sale throughout the day including a variety of tasty treats. There was popcorn, snow cones, fairy floss, steak sandwiches, sausage sizzle, gelato, pizza, Krispy Kreme donuts and, fried rice, hot dogs, soft drinks, ice blocks. The Year 11 Hospitality team contributed to the great selection of foods and did an amazing job of feeding the hundreds of students through the BBQ.

To finish off the day, the staff and Year 12 students took to Keira Park to flex their muscle in a tight and entertaining Tug-of-War battle. Not surprisingly the teachers took out the students to convincingly win. Congratulations to the students for all their efforts during this battle.

Overall, the Founder’s Day Carnival was a great community event that brought together staff and students for a day of entertainment and community building.

The success of the day was driven by the assistance of all staff and their Pastoral Classes who helped run the activities and food stalls. A huge thank you to everyone for what was a great way to celebrate Founder’s Week. The College is already looking forward to this event next year and hope it to be even better!

Mrs Hughes