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This multi-faith service supports the launch of an open letter, signed by senior faith leaders, that calls on the Prime Minister to end new coal and gas projects. All religious and non religious denominations got together in solidarity in response to climate justice. William Campbell, Noah Clark and Leo Wallace-Pannell represented the College at this event.

What we learnt:
We learnt about the religious relationship with sustainability and other peoples experiences and thoughts on our planet and how we can improve the general health of earth.
We also learnt about different cultures and their prayers to do with saving the earth.

About the day:
It was an excellent day where on the day, we connected with two schools who both shared similar views about sustainability and what we have to do to prevent it. This was a unique experience where we learnt that religion is aware and advocating for climate action. The other schools made it a familiar and effective meeting that allowed welcome due to the other familiar faces from our eco conference.

By: William, Noah and Leo.