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Evette’s Lunchbox – Specials

Edmund Rice Canteen Daily Specials

Pre orders welcome


~ Chicken Souvlaki Wrap $6
》 w/ lettuce, tomato and choice of garlic aioli
or hot chilli kebab sauce


~ Baked Fettuccine Pasta A La Provence $6
》 tomato based sauce w/minced meat,
zucchini, and capsicum – topped with a light
creme fraiche and shredded tasty cheese


~ Honey Soy Chicken Wings
w/ Vegeterian Fried Rice (no egg) $6

~ Penne Chicken Basil $5


~ Cheesy Beef Nachos $5
》 cornchips topped with gourmet bolognese
sauce and melted tasty cheese

~ Chicken Sliders / Cheeseburger Sliders $7
》 brioche bun w/ chicken, cos lettuce,
american cheese and mayo
》 brioche bun w/ beef patty, american cheese
and tomato sauce


~ Toasted Beef Wrap $6
》 w/ lettuce, tomato, shredded tasty cheese
and choice of bbq sauce or hot chilli kebab