ERC Updates

Annual Visual Arts Exhibition

Last night we had the Opening of the Annual Visual Arts exhibition. It was a wonderful night and so heartwarming to see such a wonderful attendance from families across all year groups. It was also a time for us to celebrate the achievements of the Year 12 Visual Arts HSC class showcasing their Bodies of Work. The exhibition is open again tomorrow from 10am until 3pm and we look forward to seeing you there. I have included here a excerpt from the opening night speech:

This is a very exciting night for us. Tonight we are celebrating the achievements of our students from Years 7 to 12 and what makes this an extra special occasion is that we are also we are celebrating the fact that we can once again gather together after two years.

In particular I welcome our Year 12 class of 2022, their friends, extended families and, most especially their parents, who have survived all the emotion that can at times be a part of this creative process – especially when the assessment stakes are high and so much can seem to be riding on the production of the HSC ‘Body of Work’.

I know the boys would all acknowledge that the support of their parents in this process has been a crucial part of their success. All that has happened behind the scenes of parental encouragement and support has paid off and has had a significant impact on the wonderful works you see here tonight. To all the parents, we say “thank you’. I would also like to acknowledge and thank Mrs Sarah Copas who has worked tirelessly to bring the HSC boys to this moment. Sarah is a passionate and dedicated teacher who has led the boys to their success which you witness tonight.

When you look around at the diversity of the works displayed here, and the interesting ideas expressed in skilful and often very sophisticated and innovative ways, using techniques and materials with confidence and a high degree of technical accomplishment, I know that you will be impressed at what students can achieve when they are working on authentic projects which are rich in meaning and personal significance. These students have had their education interrupted in 2020 and 2021. They have been without an artroom, without art materials readily at hand and have perservered through online learning. These young artists have achieved in ways that most of them would not have thought possible two years ago. The art works are conceptually layered and meaningful. Tonight you will see the fine artworks from Years 7 to 11 and the HSC Bodies of Work. In J2 we have set up a cinema showcasing Mark Souffy’s HSC Body of Work called ‘Disconnection’ plus the Horror films from 100 Hours Photographic and Digital Media plus Year 11 Film Studies. In the other artrooms you will see Pop art from Year 8, Flying Machines inspired by the Renaissance from Year 7, Year 9’s investigations of Surrealism on their skate decks and canvases, architectural studies from Visual design, painting and haunting drawings from Year 10 Visual Arts and a range of investigations based on objects and identity from Year 11. You will also see the light painting photographs from Year 9 Photographic and Digital media students while working with Peter Solness. The HSC Body of Work ‘Artist’s Statements’ are really worth reading – they have explained their intentions in ways which help us, the audience, to gain insight into the intellectual as well as the aesthetic elements of their practice. Tonight is a celebration of the achievement of every single one of our Year 12 students plus the younger students who are developing their own artistic practice. We are very proud of you.

The Eddies

We are pleased to announce to announce the winners of the Eddies Awards for Year 7 based on Self Portrait with Pet etching. This is in conjunction with their studies of the Archibald Prize.
Principal’s Award – Cooper Kerr
Deputy Principal’s Award – Jarrah Longbottom
Year Coordinator’s Award – Spencer Strother
Packers Prize – Andre Abdulnour