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Year 9 Pastoral Care Initiative – National Road Safety Week

Over the last few weeks, Year 9 have been deepening their understanding of Road Safety by completing a number of Modules with ‘RoadSet.’ As part of the Australian Road Safety Foundation, ‘RoadSet’ aims to elevate the education surrounding Road Safety and transform the way that it is delivered in educational institutions.

The website provides an interactive road safety learning experience and education tool designed to help young people become better road users, and subsequently, make Australian roads safer for everyone.

The original animation coupled with gamified learning interactions delivered an immersive experience over two weeks, in which students completed 10 modules that covered areas including Road User Environments, Pedestrians and Cyclists, Being a Passenger, Distractions and Personal Responsibility.

Over the next 12-18 months, many of the young men in Year 9 will start the process in which they become responsible drivers on our roads. It is imperative that they receive the proper education on safe road usage and I look forward to future opportunities that can supplement this learning experience.

For more information, visit RoadSet at

Mr Forshaw
Year 9 Pastoral Care Coordinator