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Year 12 Retreat – Class of 2021

In order to begin an important year from a place of peace and reflection Year 12 headed off on retreat for 3 days during week 2. Spread across 4 venues near Campbelltown and the Southern Highlands the boys engaged deeply in the retreat activities and bonded as a cohort as they reflected on the theme ‘Dreaming the Future’. With a renewed sense of belonging, stronger bonds of brotherhood and a heightened appreciation of the place of God and spirituality in their lives, the boys return ready and renewed to take on 2021.

Comments from the Year 12 students:

The retreat let us learn a lot about ourselves and others – Oscar

Good experience to get away from home and reflect on our journey – James

It was a good experience and helped people to understand more about themselves – Kaled

The retreat was a great way to start the year as it cleared my mind of any worries and concerns, whilst developing a greater respect of my peers – Jake

The experience as a whole, has mould my perspectives leading into year 12 – Ibrahim

I had a really enriching experience in the observation and understanding of people’s background. The sharing elements of the smaller group sessions, when participated in, were a terrific experience which helped give me perspective on people in the rest of the year – Sam

An amazing experience that mends all the boys together – Luca

I had such a great time at the Year 12 retreat. The food was great, the venue that I stayed at was amazing and the staff were awesome. I’d highly recommend it – Lance

The retreat was fantastic in providing us an opportunity for self reflection. To realise how fortunate we are for the opportunities provided to us. As we embark on the journey that is Year 12 – Keiran

Retreat engaged my thinking about my future past the College, as well as allowing me to refocus, readjust and reconnect with myself and the people around me – Ben

It’s a valuable experience to connect with mates and help progress as a better person – Nathan

Great experiences, and a great way to find yourself through group and self reflection – Toby

It was a good experience – Ethan