ERC Updates

What’s happening in Hospitality

In a dream school kitchen, there would be every piece of equipment required to get the job done with efficiency in mind. A space with a dedicated cool room, dry stores, and enough room for our young cooks to work without bumping elbows.

For many, it is just that — a dream; but that’s what we have here at ERC, with a great group of students to utilise it.

Our current Stage 6 Hospitality students have started their café service for our staff at ERC and are looking forward to their future experience and café opportunities in the hospitality kitchen. Our previous café included a savory muffin, roast beef and cucumber sandwich, a pea & parmesan dip as well as a serving of camembert and crackers to finish it off. Our current café is a sweeter option, a choice out of a slice of Carrot Bread with a crème brûlée cream or a passionfruit scone (w/ jam and cream) and a choice of Milkshake.

We look forward to updating you all on the future café service periods and opportunities we have in store for Hospitality at ERC!

Mr Pierro
Hospitality Teacher