Social Justice

social_justiceAt Edmund Rice College, Social Justice and specifically, Christian Service-Learning, are about responsibility and engagement with the wider community. We seek to support the Edmund Rice ethos of ‘presence, compassion and liberation’ to contribute to the Catholic aims of justice, peace and stewardship for the integrity of creation. Each person, staff and students, in our school community is challenged to ‘make a difference’ to the circles of community to which he / she belongs. We acknowledge that God has given us many talents and resources for our own benefit as well as the benefit of others. In seeking to bring social justice to the world, we must learn to recognise our own giftedness and generously share those gifts for the service of others. There are many opportunities to do this at Edmund Rice College.

Immersion Experiences

The College provides the opportunity for Year 11 students to be involved in Immersion experiences  to:

  • Rawa School, Punmu Indigenous Community , WA

  • Shillong and Waringong, India

Missions & Charities

The College supports the Caritas, Catholic Mission, St Vincent DePaul, Red Cross and Legacy each year through community door-knocks or other organised appeals. Further to this, each Year group chooses a particular charity that they will support with their missions collections and activities. For 2019 these included:

Year 7  – Pacific Calling Partnership

Year 8  – Shepherd Centre for Deaf Children

Year 9  – (& Market Day): Rio’s Legacy

Year 10 – Drought Relief and 4 Water

Year 11 – Waves for Water and Punmu Bike Track

Year 12 – SCARF


Christian Service-Learning (CSL)

Our love is not to be just words or mere talk, 
but something real and active. (Jn.3:18) 

We ask all our prospective graduates to contribute to the communities to which they belong in the spirit of justice, love and compassion not because they ‘have’ to, but because it lies at the heart of an Edmund Rice education that is based on the teachings of Jesus and all those who follow him.  We hope that each student can honestly reflect on their school experience and say that they have been encouraged to be ‘a man for others’.

Students have opportunities to participate in age appropriate CSL at all Year levels. In Years 7 – 10, the CSL program is tied to academic units in Religion Studies and the service component is tied to assessment.

The Stage 4 (Years 7 & 8) program ‘Learning to Serve’ is based on the communities of Home, School and Church. Students engage in service activities that challenge them to take responsibility in their primary circles of living.

In Stage 5 (Years 9 & 10) ‘Reaching Out’ provides the framework for participation through service in the wider community. Boys volunteer to help in various appeals for organizations such as Red Cross, St Vincent DePaul & Legacy and look to involve themselves in community activities that require volunteers.

 The Senior Project runs in Stage 6 (Years 11 and 12). This is a focused service program which connects boys to an agency or organization in one of the following Core areas:

  • Serving people in Aged Care
  • Supporting people with a disability
  • Supporting refugees or other migrants
  • Serving homeless or disadvantaged people
  • Serving disadvantaged children and youth
  • Service to care for the environment

Students will normally serve about 30 hours (an average of two hours per week) and keep a learning journal throughout the experience. Once the placement has finished, each student is asked to reflect on the experience in an extended response essay. Although this program is not connected to any one KLA and therefore draws no academic grade, it is an expectation that every student makes time to complete a senior project. Indeed, it is the hallmark of a student formed in the spirit of Edmund Rice, as evidenced by the boys’ own reflections.


Edmund Rice College Social Justice Awards

Although it should never be the purpose or aim of any student to seek awards or rewards of any kind for participating in social justice work, it is nevertheless important from the school’s and community’s points of view that we recognise achievement and effort in the same way as we recognise achievement and effort in other areas of College life.

Level One: Christian Service-Learning Award (7-8, and 9-10)

A Certificate for a minimum of 15 hours of approved CSL over a two year period.

Level Two: Christian Service-Learning Badge (7-8, and 9-10)

 A Certificate and CSL badge that can be worn on the College uniform for a minimum of 40 hours of approved CSL over a two year period.

Level Three: Christian Service-Learning Medal (11-12 only)

A Certificate and CSL Medal awarded at the end of Year 12 for a minimum of 100 hours of approved and recorded CSL during Years 11 and 12.  You must complete your Year 11 Project (service journal and reflection paper) to receive this award.

The Br CV Bell Participation Award.

The Year 8 student who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to approved CSL activities for Years 7 and 8.

The Fr Chris Riley Participation Award.

The Year 10 student who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to approved CSL activites for Year 9 and 10.

The Br Paul Oakley Participation Award.

The Year 12 student who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to approved CSL activites and has shown learning, growth and leadership through his reflection on his experience fo the Senior Project and a variety of service activities.