Learning Support

The Targeted Programmes Coordinator is responsible for the management of Commonwealth Targeted Programmes and for developing programmes to improve the learning outcomes for all students.

There is one Learning Support Teacher, and seven Learning Support Officers. There is also an Aboriginal Education Officer employed for 25 hours per week who also supports students, both Indigenous and those with learning needs.

Special Education

This program has four goals:

  • To provide early identification of students with disability while collecting baseline data.
  • To ensure that the learning outcomes of students with disability improve over time, commensurate with their potential.
  • To educate students with disability in mainstream classes using withdrawal only to achieve outcomes not achievable within those mainstream classes.
  • To educate and assist staff in developing pedagogical, assessment and reporting strategies that best meet the needs of each student with disability.

Literacy and Numeracy

This program has five goals:

  • To improve organisation and school structures to maximise literacy and numeracy skills development for all students.
  • To develop in all staff an understanding of literacy and numeracy, as they apply to their teaching areas. To use that understanding to implement a range of literacy and numeracy strategies in their classrooms.
  • To improve the levels of literacy and numeracy across Key Learning Areas for all students especially for disadvantaged students.
  • To maintain and develop the existing Parent Reading Tutor Programme.
  • To conduct small group intense literacy (specifically reading,) and numeracy programmes enabling students, not yet achieving National Benchmarks, to do so.