Cultural Exchange

Punmu, WA Immersion & Partnership

Under the leadership of one of our teachers, the College has established a partnership with the community of Punmu, Western Australia and the RAWA school in Punmu and Kunawarritji. Each year, 7 Year 11 students and 3 staff members make the journey to engage with the community, to learn about our Aboriginal brothers and sisters and to be immersed in a community of our First Nations people. While they are there, they also assist with activities at the school and projects that need some help. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to have an authentic experience of solidarity with the hope that we can all contribute to building a more reconciled Australia. 

As a formative experience, students are asked to reflect each day on what they are learning about themselves, others and their sense of spirituality and connection to God.


Shillong India Immersion & EREBB Partnership

After the Edmund Rice Education Beyond Borders Congress in India in 2017, the College was invited by Br Solomon Morris to consider a partnership with one of the newer schools established by the Brothers at Wahrinong in the West Khasi Hills. In 2018 the first Immersion group of 8 Year 11 students and 3 staff members visited India to learn more about how we can work together to create a better world for all. They visited Br Steve Rocha at Pratyek in Delhi to learn about their human rights and advocacy work, connecting our local work through ERA for Change to the Nine is Mine project, advocating for healthcare and education for all children. Visiting St Edmund’s College in Shillong to establish connections to students their own age helped our students to understand the world of Edmund rice students in India before going out to Wahrinong to spend a week helping out in the classrooms and village. Of course, no visit to India is complete without a trip to the Taj Mahal and the group enjoyed a sightseeing holiday before returning home.

In 2019, a group of students from St Edmund’s visited ERC in Wollongong and in 2020 the second immersion group will go back to India. This EREBB partnership aims to create closer bonds between members of the ER community so that we can support each other while we are learning how we can all contribute to creating a world where all people are valued and we care for the earth.