Counselling Support

Talking with the College Counsellor could help

Edmund Rice College provides a fulltime counselling service. Students and parents can make appointments directly with the counsellor or via a College Staff member

Counselling provides an opportunity for ideas and concerns to be discussed in a confidential, friendly and supportive manner.

It is a process that aims to enable the student to work through the various aspects of his life, whether it be school, social, emotional, personal or family issues.

Developing a clearer understanding of himself and helping the growth of resilience and a sense of well being, results in a student being empowered to make wise decisions and positive changes.

Creating the optimum conditions for change may mean consulting with and seeking the support of other students, teachers, parents/caregivers or services outside the college.

The aim of counselling at Edmund Rice College is to create the opportunity for each student to reach his full potential and to embrace the challenges of life!