At ERC we help students acquire the necessary skills for career planning and decision making, with a focus on developing their ability to manage the transition from school to the next stage of life. This involves each student developing a strong understanding of their career interests, abilities, aptitudes, strengths and career related values.

There are two Career Advisors on staff and a well-resourced Careers Room. Our Career Advisors are active in the local community by being involved in many Illawarra activities as well as regularly attending the Illawarra Careers Advisor Network meetings.

 We provide students with access to professional advice and current information on career options, tertiary education and training pathways to achieve their career objectives. Opportunities at ERC include careers lessons in Year 10; Work Experience; excursions to Careers Expo’s; University of Wollongong Discovery Days; guest speakers; individuals interviews, resume building; interview skills. As well as intensive work with years 11 and 12.

Students at ERC who are seeking apprenticeships and traineeships benefit from the strong reputation of the College with employers in the Illawarra area.

The Careers website is a new innovation to the College Careers Program. Parents and students can login for ‘one stop career information’ . This site is where most of the career program material will be based. Students can develop an individual career plan over many years at the college and beyond. Parents are encouraged to use this website.

The Principal’s newsletter also carries weekly Careers information.