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Year 9: Be Transformed During this week, Year 9 students participated in a liturgy based on their Pastoral theme to ‘Be Transformed’. One of the reflections included a Chinese Parable The Empty Pot. The lesson was that in any situation, there are a number of ways that people can react. The same heat that damaged the Emperor’s Seeds – making them incapable of growth, could be compared to the tongues of fire that transformed the Apostles – jolting them out of their paralysing fear and spurring them into action.

In contrast to the majority of the world’s flora, the native species that are adapted to our arid and unpredictable continent are often (like the Apostles) reliant on fire to germinate. Wattles, Eucalypts, Banksias, Hakeas and many other Australian plants have developed systems whereby their seeds are stored in seed banks – safe underground or in hardened woody fruits – until a bushfire spreads through the area where they are found. It is only then that they are able to start to grow.

Mrs Knowles challenged the students to consider what it means to be a man of integrity.
So what about us? When hard times come, and we have to make a choice about how we react, will we shut down and allow others to make the choice for us? Will we hide behind excuses and remain in a dormant child-like state? Or will we use the challenge to transform ourselves through courage and determination to grow into more mature individuals? Will we risk using our gifts and talents to step outside our safe and convenient habits in order to gain the experiences that will change us for the better?

The students participated in a ritual action, each adding a small scoop of soil to a pot in which we planted the Native Eremophila (Emu Bush). It is an indehiscent species that regenerates after bushfires, and will therefore act as a symbol of transformation. The pot reminds us of Ping’s courage and integrity, and the soil we will place in it will act to symbolise the best that each of us is able to offer at this point in our journey. The plant will be with this Year group and form part of their major liturgies and rituals all the way to graduation, as a sign that we are always growing, always learning, always being transformed.

Friday Prayer – Since the chapel has been restored, Friday Prayer is back on! All are welcome. You can also leave your prayer intentions in the booklet inside the chapel door.

Mrs Knowles
Liturgy Coordinator