Digital Learning

Digital Learning

At Edmund Rice College students access online resources via our dedicated College learning site. All students have access to our online calendar, tailored learning software, tailor made videos, learning surveys and the library.

Edmund Rice students have access to the latest software technologies including Adobe Suite, Sketchup, Revit, Microsoft Office, and Google Applications.

Edmund Rice

Bring Your Device Program

Edmund Rice College is a technology rich school that delivers innovation in the curriculum. We implemented a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program to improve and enhance the education experience of our students.

As part of our 1:1 Learning program, each student needs access to a technological device at school and at home. This enables communication and collaboration amongst peers and teachers.

Thank you Parents/Carers for supporting our Laptop program at Edmund Rice College. The following document provides information about software, network connection and setup.

Device and Operating System (OS) Requirements 

Students from Year 7 in 2023 will be required to use an Apple Laptop. The minimum requirement is that the device is able to use MacOS Version 12 (MacOS Monterey).  is a custom made portal for Edmund Rice College parents which offers Apple Laptops at a competitive price. We do encourage parents/carers to consider the AppleCare+, which offers a 3 year warranty coverage.

Safe Use of Technology

We educated students in responsible use of online technology. Our students and staff are expected to be accountable for the appropriate use of online education tools. Each year students sign and acknowledge College expectations when using technology for learning.

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Information Technology (IT) Support

Edmund Rice College students can access IT support anytime by contacting the team via the online IT Helpdesk.