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Internet Safe Education

On Wednesday, 8 March, the College held a parent Webinar presented by Brett Lee.

Brett Lee, our guest speaker, provided an insightful and engaging presentation, giving us all a lot to reflect on and put into practice. We are fortunate to have Brett Lee as a leading expert in this field, and we look forward to continuing our work with him and his team at Internet Safe Education.

The presentation focused on the importance of understanding that the internet is both public and permanent. Once something is posted online, it can never truly be deleted. Therefore, it’s crucial to protect personal details online, such as passwords and financial information. It’s also important to remember that people we know on the internet may be strangers, and we should be cautious about sharing personal information with them. Just like in the real world, we all have rules on the internet and computers, such as not engaging in cyberbullying or illegal activities. Lastly, if we have an online problem, we should talk to a trusted person, whether it be a parent, teacher, or counsellor, for help and guidance.

The following FIVE strategies for parents to consider when managing safe internet use at home mentioned in the webinar on Wednesday:

  1. Set clear rules and boundaries
  2. Parents make the final decision
  3. Use Management Controls
  4. Stay up to date with your children’s usage and
  5. Communicate with your children

Brett Lee reminded parents of the importance of the eSafety website, which is a unique world-first tool for protecting all of us from offensive and bullying material online. `We encourage all parents to familiarise themselves with this important resource.

Included in this series of future Parent Webinars is another presentation by Elevate Education – Using Technology and Beating Distractions.

Elevate Education will be hosting its first free webinar of the year for parents on 15 March 2023. Please consider registering: Click here to register for free

Elevate Education works with our students, delivering workshops on study skills, motivation, wellbeing, and exam preparation. By tuning into their webinar series you will learn how you can help better support your children at home through reinforcing the skills they learn at school.

The first session continues to deliver the important messages from the Internet Safety Parent Information Webinar that was held Wednesday evening.

Wednesday 15th March @ 6:30pm (AEDT)
Using Technology and Beating Distractions

Mr Sirianni
Director of Information Technologies and Innovation