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From the Writer’s Corner

Congratulations to Marcus Stevanoski who has successfully secured a place in the media internship program with Australian Catholics. Marcus will work with a guest editorial team and the Australian Catholics staff to plan, workshop and write articles for the Spring edition of the publication. This should prove an exciting opportunity for Marcus to learn how a magazine edition is developed and to engage in the creative thinking and planning that begins the process.

We wish Marcus all the best and look forward to hearing about his experiences.

From the Writer’s Corner…

Thank you to Julian Eckermann who had kindly shared this beautiful poem about the wonder of reading. This poem was composed for his assessment task for the Year 9 unit on Cultural Voices.

This Place

There’s this place I like to go

A place where I can grow

A place where I discover

A place where I can be free

There’s this place I like to go

It’s full of adventure and aggression

It’s full of disaster and destiny

It’s full of intensity and identity

It holds the key to your imagination


This place is endless

This place is boundless

This place is so vastly immense

It never ceases to confront me

Just the sight of it can make me smile

And the smell, oh the smell, it’s such an unexplainable sensation

You’re welcome to come along if you wish

Just be prepared

And Don’t be scared


At this place you see all

At this place you hear all

Sometimes I see volcanoes spewing with blistering lava

Or I can see a rhino charging with feet sounding like thunder

Sometimes I see towering cliffs like neverending skyscrapers

Or I can see boats drifting passionately through calm waters

Occasionally I see the threatening, cold steel of a firearm

Being held up against an innocent staring mindlessly down the barrel


At this place you see all

At this place you hear all

I see men traversing the smooth plains of grass on horseback with slouched rifles

I see colossus, cavernous caves enveloping any human who dare enters in shadow and dismay

I see dark fins of unknown creatures slicing the seas like serrated knives through warm butter

I hear the constant whining buzz of helicopter blades scouting war torn land with watchful eyes

I hear the terrified screams of harmless humans as bombs detonate with vexation and surprise

I hear the muffled radio calls of pressured men under siege from combatants with little mercy


When you get to this place

You can finally start to embrace

You will finally understand my nonsense

Your jumbled thoughts can grasp onto reality

The words I speak will no longer drift through you

The words I speak will no longer be meaningless

Because you will truly understand of this place

And when you find yourself here one day

You can finally comprehend what I say

But until then, you are weary eyed

And struggle to see its true potential

But the chance is always open

The chance to see this place

Ms Gazzola

Head of English