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From the English Department

Students in Ms Gazzola’s Year 7 English class were asked to use colour swatches (thank you Bunnings!) to inspire some poetry. Students chose five colours; the names of these needed to feature somewhere in their poem. It is lovely to see that these students also incorporated their learning from Visual Arts into their poems.

Krishaanth Rajkumar

I see an endless abyss of Nullabor Sunset,
The occasional splash and crash of the Temperate Tide wakes me from the Frozen Moment.
A seagull pecks me: a Purple Sting,
I turn to the painting to my right, a fauvist Pink Perfume.

Liam Hall

The calm day awakens with the chirping of varied, mimicking tones.
The birds who present these perfectly composed plagiarised pieces are
proudly fauvist.
A tropical bird sits amongst others but individually shows the forest
splendors in his colours
An eye-catching kaleidoscope of beauty beholds vibrant colours, bright
colours, nature’s colours,
Hints of a galaxy blue splash over the face as if a canvas, and glazed
ruby hues dance in the shimmers of the whimsical feathers
An incredible beginning.

Ms Gazzola’s Year 7 English classes wrapped up their study of poetry by composing their own Ezra Pound couplets. They wrote these on rocks which have been hidden around the College. We hope that they will be found by other students to enjoy the work!


The ERC Book Club celebrated the final meeting for the year with a “Blind Date With a Book” event. Each member brought a book from their own collection, wrapped it and provided some brief details about the book. We made our selection based on these descriptions and we look forward to using the upcoming break to devour these new additions to our libraries.

We hope that everyone in the school community can use some time over summer to catch up on some reading and we’d love to welcome new members to the ERC Book Club in 2022!

Ms Gazzola

Head of English