ERC Updates

From the Director of Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you are aware we consider the opportunity to work collaboratively with parents and carers in support of their sons a great privilege. Currently parents and carers have been able to view Merits awarded to their son’s for effort and achievement. In the coming weeks we will be switching on the pastoral notifications for parents. This will afford parents the opportunity to view the specific details of any issues of concern that have been observed by your son’s teachers. It is our hope that this will allow you to take a more active role in supporting your son’s learning and wellbeing. We encourage you to discuss matters of concern with your son and work collaboratively with your son’s teachers to ensure that he reaches his potential. This week’s Parenting Ideas article by Michael Grose provides some valuable advice for parents about how to build a strong working relationship with your son’s teacher. I am also pleased to advise that Parenting Ideas is offering a Parent’s Webinar titled ‘Building Lasting Happiness in Children’. Whilst this event coincides with our planned parent evening on internet safety, a recorded version of this webinar on happiness can be viewed until June 23. By clicking on the link and entering the code on the coupon this webinar will be free to Edmund Rice Parents and Carers.

Advance Notice

On March 23rd we are pleased to be offering students, teachers and parents the opportunity to be better informed about the cyber world. Sessions will be specifically tailored to meet the needs of each year group addressing:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Sexting
  • Identity theft
  • The law and the internet
  • Protecting your digital reputation

Further details regarding the parent information evening will follow soon.

Mrs Hughes
Director of Pastoral Care & Wellbeing