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From The Director of Identity

Monday 26 July is the Feast of St Joachim and St Anne, parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary, making them the earthly grandparents of Jesus. At this time we would like to pray for and commend all parents and grandparents to the intercession of St Joachim and St Anne who surely knew the complexity of caring for a child under extenuating circumstances. I like the picture depicting Mary with her parents because, in some ways, it looks like they are trying to help her to learn!  May you all be blessed in your vocation as parents, grandparents and carers of your children. We are so thankful for your support and recognise your role as the first educators of your children. Thank you for entrusting us to support your family in educating your children. (Source:

Term 3 Liberating Education Wellbeing Challenge

While we are all focussed on maintaining our connection to learning, we must not lose sight of the importance of caring for our spiritual and emotional wellbeing. The SRC has been working on the Liberating Education Badge which will be presented at the end of Term 3, recognising leadership, creativity and resilience. There are FIVE aspects 

  1. Be Active: Using a fitness tracker on your phone, Fitbit, smartwatch or paper form, get 30,000 steps or 3 hours of activity in one week (it can be any week in Term 3!)
  2. Be Creative: Express yourself in an artistic pursuit or develop a skill: Think Music, Art, Reading, Poetry, Lego, Chess… 
  3. Be Kind: Complete the equivalent of 3 hours of CSL: fundraising, helping out at home, cleaning up your neighbourhood; participating in an advocacy campaign 
  4. Be a Learner: Show up and participate in your classes while we are learning Off-Campus. 
  5. Be a Legend! Trick shots, bottle flips. We will issue the challenge – you will rise up!!

Head over to to get the latest information and submit your proof.   This challenge is NOT a competition, but about having fun and participating. House Points and random draw for prizes will also be held throughout the Term.

Mrs Hurley

Director of Identity