ERC Updates

From the Director of Identity

As we begin Lent, many people are affected by adverse weather conditions and, certainly, our world is experiencing threats to peace and stability. We are reminded, as people of faith, that we cannot do everything but that we can do something. Pope Francis has encouraged all the faithful to fast and pray for peace. Fasting is not only a physical exercise but also a psychological, emotional and spiritual practice that helps us to develop patience, kindness and understanding. In the busy-ness of the world, let us turn to God in silence so that we may hear the still small voice that speaks to us, urging us to be ever-more faithful.

During next week, we will acknowledge International Women’s Day and on Sunday, the College, along with the Diocese of Wollongong, Catholic Women’s League, Healthy Cities Illawarra and SCARF will host the Illawarra Women’s Day of Dance and Culture. So many staff have contributed to making this a success and I want to thank, in particular, Mrs Helen Knowles, Ms Sheree Codey, Mrs Rita Reid, Mr Dene MacDonald, Mrs Jenny Frappell, Mr Daryl Adams and the Maintenance Staff and Mr Darren Jeffrey for supporting us. We know that it will be an amazing collaboration of culture and spirit for women across the region. One way of demonstrating solidarity is to enable events like these that bring people together in support of peace.


The Liturgy Prefecture, under the guidance of Mrs Knowles has re-introduced our Friday prayer at recess 2 and today was our first celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Students and staff can sign up to attend the sacrament in P5 on Friday with Fr Duane. We are so grateful for his support at this time.

Each Pastoral Care group experienced a liturgy of prayer and ashes on Wednesday, reflecting on the many ways and opportunities that we have to develop faith both individually and as a community. As we focus on the touchstone of Justice and Solidarity, we have launched our Caritas Project Compassion Appeal for Tonga. We also keep all those affected by instability in the world in our prayers.


The Year 10 students had their orientation to CSL on Thursday and are in the process of choosing their placements for the rest of the Year. If you have any questions about his, please contact Mr Pullella. Likewise, Year 8 were reminded of their obligation to complete 10 hours of service over the year. Parents and students will receive a letter to confirm the details on Monday. Years 7 & 9 will have a reminder in the coming week. All students in Years 7 – 9 should complete 10 hours of service over the Year. There is an excellent opportunity coming up linking CSL to EcoERC. Collect all your old shoes to bring in during Week 9.

Mrs Hurley
Director of Identity