ERC Updates

From the Deputy Principal


Starting the second semester brings many challenging decisions and a little bit of extra pressure in the areas of curriculum. Each and every year group has a particular focus for the coming term; Year 12 Trial HSC Examinations leading to Graduation; Year 11 Student Leadership opportunities for Term 4 2023/2024 and Preliminary HSC Examinations; Year 10 subject selections for Stage 6 (2024); Year 9 Ski Trip and alternate activity day experiences, Stage 4 course and teacher changes due to the semesterised Geography, History, Visual Arts and Music, with Year 8 also beginning the process of choosing their electives subject for Stage 5. So, with many areas across the College, the importance of understanding who to talk with and having honest and realistic conversations is crucial for the upcoming weeks. Others may need to re-examine study techniques to ensure they are well prepared for upcoming examinations and assessments – to all those involved I wish them good luck.


It is now time with a mid-year check-in, to reflect on the goals set at the start of the year and re-evaluate where you want to go for the rest of the year. Each student in Years 7 to 10 will receive their Semester One report and the TASS portal will be opened for appointments to be made for the Student/Parent/Teacher conferences held during Staff Week, 29 June. These conferences are not only to reflect on successes from the semester but also to find ways to improve. I would encourage conversations at home about goal setting for the second half of the year looking for areas of growth or indeed sustained efforts. We all have the ability to improve in some way, and can select a couple of new goals for the rest of the year upon reflection of Semester 1, sharing with friends and family and making these academic learning goals achievable.


Students will continue to be required to wear their College winter uniform each day (other than their scheduled Wednesday or Thursday Sport day). Recent trends in grooming have led to many boys in Term 2, being excluded or not permitted to represent the College due to the poor choices they have made with regards to shaving/cutting/modifying their hair styles or consistently not being neatly shaven at all times. I remind students that they should return to Term 3 appropriately attired and groomed. Students without a College tie or plain black belt for whatever reason, will require a note from home indicating when this will be replaced or rectified.

Mr Walsh
College Deputy Principal