ERC Updates

Ethical Exploration Day

At the end of May ten students from Years 9 and 10 were invited to partake in the Ethical Exploration Day held at Rosebank College in Sydney. The theme of the day was “Rise of the Machines” and exposed students to ideas about Artificial Intelligence and the consequences of this technology for humanity.

Students listened to a lecture then participated in group discussions and a group debate on ethical responses to AI.

Comments from the students reflect their engagement with the ideas and activities:

“I gained a wider understanding on the capabilities of technology, robots and A.I”

“My confidence was increased due to being able to contend with top state students, and I was able to exchange discussion with several people in my group. It was an enjoyable experience, and I was able to learn how a multi-school function operated. Moreover, I learned new information about the ethics of Artificial Intelligence”.

“I enjoyed the debate the most. I enjoyed the debate as I was able to apply my past knowledge to help sway people’s opinions”.

“…he made me think in a different way”

Thanks to Mr Sozio for his support and transport to and from the event.

Ms Shumack
Enrichment Coordinator