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English Faculty Update

Renaissance Reading Program

Most English teachers will tell you that one of the most valuable activities in which students can participate is wide reading. To this end, students in Years 7-10 can expect to begin each English period with ten minutes of wide reading.

To support their reading, students in Year 8 and 10 will have access to a program called Renaissance Reading. Students will take the Star Assessment placement test in class which will provide teachers with reports to determine the reading level of each student and to measure growth. This information provided will also help direct students to books within their reading range which will provide an appropriate level of challenge for them. Upon completion of a book, students will take a quiz to measure their understanding of what they have read. Points will accumulate and there will be incentives along the way to encourage the boys in their reading. Students will also be able to accrue points for their house with every book that they read. You can read more about the program HERE.

Please support the boys at home by speaking with them about what they are reading.

From the Writer’s Corner

We have some exceptionally talented writers amongst us! Throughout the year, the English Faculty looks forward to sharing with you some impressive writing completed by the boys. The first offering comes to you from Benjamin Hunter in Year 12.

The task required students to use the stimulus from Favel Parrett’s Past the Shallows:  “A house. A farm. A family. A home.” Students were to continue the list to reveal a narrative of no more than fifty words using the same two-word sentence structure.

Benjamin’s response:

A house. A farm. A family. A home. A father. A mother. A son.

A morning. A notice. A war. A draft. A rifle. A helmet.

A goodbye. A promise.

A year. A telegram. A funeral.

A house. A farm. A family. A home. A widow. A son. A grave.

2021 will see the ERC Writing Club reinvigorated. Ms Felicity Leate will be driving this initiative and I am certain that the boys will find her passion and expertise contagious! The writers will meet on Wednesday afternoons in period 6 and will engage with a range of writing and reading activities for fun. All boys are welcome to join The Writing Club – it is for anyone who is interested in improving their writing skills and would enjoy the opportunity to do this without the pressure of assessment marks attached.

Francesca Gazzola

Head of English