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Edmund Rice College’s Year 12 Reflection Day: A Day of Meaningful Reflection and Celebration

Edmund Rice College’s Year 12 students embarked on a day of reflection, camaraderie and celebration on Tuesday, August 15th, during their highly anticipated Year 12 Reflection Day. The day commenced with a liturgy, led by Mrs Helen Knowles setting the tone for a day filled with meaningful activities.

The highlight of the liturgy was the presence of guest speaker Jack Brown, a former student of Edmund Rice College who is the founder of the charitable organisation ‘Talk To Me Bro.’ Jack shared his journey and insights, motivating students to make a positive impact in their remaining months at school leading up to the HSC.

Following the liturgy, students engaged in a series of workshops. These workshops included mentoring sessions led by former students, providing invaluable guidance for their post-school journey. Additionally, the rhythmic beats of drumming and the solitude of Yoga allowed students to have an outlet after a demanding past fortnight.

Following this, students were treated to a substantial meal from Chickos Wollongong, further enhancing social connections amongst the year group. To cap off the day, Year 12 students battled for their houses in the House Cup in sports such as Volleyball, Soccer, and Basketball. After a series of highly competitive games, Rice House emerged triumphant, with Rice House Captain Joseph Gveric proudly leading his team to victory.

The Year 12 Reflection Day served as a fitting reward for the students’ dedication and hard work, especially after navigating their way through the challenging Trial HSC Examinations.

Mr Marsh & Mr Breeze
Pastoral Care Coordinators