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Da Vinci Decathlon

The Da Vinci Decathlon, held last Thursday and Friday at the Illawarra Grammar School, is an opportunity for gifted students to compete in teams in events inspired by the genius of Leonardo da Vinci. This year 38 teams from 19 schools competed in the fields such as Engineering, Art and Poetry, Mathematics, English, Ideation and Cartography.

Feedback from the day shows the benefits of this event:

“The competition and teamwork aspects make me want to strive to be the best”.

“I liked how we all got to push each other to our mental limits, trying to get the best results out of everyone. All of the activities made us use not only our realistic sides, but our creative side. In fact the subjects that we did the best in were the subjects that needed a lot of creativity. Overall, it was a great day and I would highly recommend it for any student to do”.

“Working together with other smart minds through the papers, so that everyone can leverage their expertise. For example, no-one knows everything, so I did need a bit of help to get our school second place in Cartography!”

The scholars of Edmund Rice demonstrated their creativity, tenacity and great teamwork which led them to attain these excellent results:

Year 7
Cartography – 2nd place
Engineering – 3rd place

Year 8
Ideation – 2nd place
Art and Poetry – 2nd place
Creative Producers – 2nd place

Year 9
Cartography – 1st place
Art and poetry -3rd place

Year 10
Legacy – 2nd place
Code breaking – 2nd place

Well done gentlemen! Thank you to Ms Leate, Mr Clarke and Mr Sozio for their assistance in running this event.

Ms Shumack
Enrichment Coordinator