ERC Updates

Creative Arts

I would like to congratulate all Creative Arts students who are working so hard while we are Off Campus Learning. This time presents challenges for all students and teachers, however, having practical components in each of our Creative Arts Courses can make it a little more tricky. Our students have risen to the challenge and are creating wonderful works of art, advancing in their music and in their drama.

Year 7 Visual Arts are proceeding with their Flying Machine Sculpture Unit with a focus on Leonardo da Vinci. The boys have learnt about da Vinci and began with a drawing of their imagined flying machine. They have also explained how their Flying Machine works by writing backwards on their drawing! Year 7 are also making use of all the recycled items from home to create their sculptures. Year 7 music have continued with their studies and are currently revising how to read notes in the treble clef with a focus on melodic shape and how that applies to playing the keyboard/piano.

Year 8 Visual Arts are fully engaged with their SuperHero Comic program. The boys are looking at the comic as an artform with a focus on graphic design. They are also studying Pop Art. Year 8 music are studying Rock and Roll music and are currently examining the music of Rock and Roll Legend Elvis Presley and how he inspired contemporary singers.

Photographic and Digital Media students have been studying Flat Lay photography and composition techniques. They are currently studying the techniques used to make a photographic essay with a focus on Henri Cartier-Bresson and Peter Turnley. The music students in Years 9 and 10 are continuing to strive ahead in their studies. Year 9 have been studying Australian Music and musicians. Year 11 are looking at Music and Technology.

Visual Design students are exploring sustainability in architecture design and are currently designing tree pods for the Edmund Rice site while also working on their architecture case study. Year 10 Visual Arts students are also exploring architecture and have studied the construction techniques used in the Parthenon, The Pantheon, Gothic and Romanesque Cathedrals and have just begun looking at the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Year 11 Visual Arts had a wonderful opportunity to zoom with Ms Luise Guest, who is a writer, researcher, art critic and lecturer and expert on Chinese Contemporary Art. She was able to give a lecture on ‘From Mao to Now: Chinese Contemporary Art’. This was very beneficial to the students who had been focussing on Contemporary Chinese Art in their studies. Year 11 music students continue to work on their Preliminary pieces and have uploaded a video in which they collaborate.

Thank you to all the Creative Arts teachers for their continued dedication, ensuring that our students continue their passion for learning.

Ms M Costello