August 29th 1987 will always be a landmark in the history of Edmund Rice College. This day was the 143rd Anniversary of the death of Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice, the founder of the Christian Brothers. This day saw the dedication of the Chapel, named in his honour, and taking pride of place in the College grounds.

The Chapel has a first class relic of the founder, a Crucifix that belonged to his monastery in Waterford Ireland, and a copy of the Positio, the records that support the appeal for his canonisation.

The design, the sandstone and furnishings were all provided by the generosity of staff, students, Old Boys, Parents and Friends, various Parishes and supporters of the College. This generosity is recorded by plaques in the Chapel and its recorded history.

The Chapel is a sign of Faith, Belief and a place of Prayer, for the students and staff to celebrate Masses and Liturgies. Old Boys have the privilege of using the Chapel for their weddings and for significant anniversaries. Different Parish and Diocesan groups have been welcomed to use the Chapel for their Masses and Devotions. The work and sacrifices of the 1986-87 College family in providing this special building and sacred space, will always be appreciated.