People to Contact

Leadership Team

Principal Mr. Peter McGovern
Deputy Principal Mr. Sam Tadros
Business Manager Mr. Darren Jeffery
Director of Identity Mrs. Judith Hurley
Director of Studies Mr. Brad Milner
Director of Information Technologies & Innovation Mr. Frank Sirianni
Director of Learning & Teaching  Mr. Gerry Sozio
Director of Administration & Staff Services Mr. Mathew Rattenbury
Director of Pastoral Care & Wellbeing Ms. Kristy Watkins


School Support Staff

Personal Assistant to the Principal Mrs. Ann Preston
Fees Administrator

Mrs. Rita Reid


Mrs. Emily Cranney

Mrs. Judy Papesch


Mrs. Natalie Lightfoot

Indigenous Education Ms. Kiarra Smalle


Careers Mrs. Jenny Hodson 
Christian Service Learning Mrs. Judith Hurley
E-Learning Mr. Brad Milner
Librarian Ms. Lourdes Ndaira
Liturgy Mrs. Judith Hurley
Peace, Justice, & Student Leadership Mrs. Judith Hurley

Mr. Josh Timpano 

Mr. Dene MacDonald

Head of Department

Religion Studies Mr. Michael Toohey
English Ms. Francesca Gazzola
Mathematics Mr. Jay Meyer
Science Mrs. Kylie Timmins
Social Science Mr. Mark Tyler
Humanities Mrs. Helen Lothian
Technology and Applied Studies (TAS) Mr. Andrew Edmondson
Languages Mrs. Helen Lothian
Creative Arts Ms. Mary Costello
PD Health PE Mr. Dene MacDonald
Librarian Ms. Lourdes Ndaira
VET Mr. Andrew Brooks
Diverse learning Mrs. Renate Dunkerley

Year Co-ordinators

Year 7 Mr. Russell Bates
Year 7 Assistant Ms. Carmen Russell
Year 8 Mr. Jeremy Forshaw
Year 8 Assistant Mr. Ryan Griffiths
Year 9 Mr. Trent Mitchell
Year 9 Assistant Mr. Ben Bourke
Year 10 Mr. Luke Fields
Year 10 Assistant Ms. Alexandra Gregorio
Stage 5 Student Engagement  Mr. Lee Morley
Year 11 Mr. Patrick Preeo 
Year 11 Assistant Mr. Garry Cajar
Year 12 Mr. Mark Jackson
Year 12 Assistant Mr. Peter Hopkins