College Board

The College Board is currently chaired by Mr Chris Lyon. Members are drawn from both the College and wider communities and are invited to participate by the Executive Director of Edmund Rice Education Australia. The Board has an advisory role to play in shaping and evaluating the policies and programmes that shape College life. One of its major tasks is determining, in association with the Principal and the College Business Manager, the fiscal policy – financial planning and management.

Statement of Purpose for the College Board

  • Support the Principal in leading and managing the College through collaborative governance.
  • Encourage the College to provide for the full development of each student within the charism of Edmund Rice.
  • Responsible for the development and monitoring of the Strategic Plan which will achieve values and objectives of the College.
  • Advise on formation of policies which will support effective and efficient management.

Current Board Members

  • Mr Michael Brannon
  • Mr David Chard
  • Mr Barry Formosa
  • Mr Matthew Hennessy
  • Mrs Belinda Hughes
  • Mr Christopher Lyon
  • Mr Brendan Pearce
  • Ms Peta Renkin