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College Grounds Cleaned | Clean Up Australia Day 2023

There was a buzzing energy through the College grounds as the Year 7 cohort participated in cleaning up the campus on 24 February 2023.

The event was part of Clean Up Australia Day which is a national event to contribute to a cleaner environment.

Over the course of the afternoon, students were found picking up unusual items such as a fishing rod and a shoe, as well as a lot of plastics including bottles, yoghurt containers and wrappers.

Many students commented on the satisfactory feeling of being able to spend time out of the classroom tidying the ovals and creeks to help our local wildlife flourish. It provides an opportunity to enable students to give back to the community and work together as a team to connect with nature.

Written by Darius Hamod, Heath Hansen, George Griffin, Jonathan Pulido, Orlando Hunt, Lucas Coelho.