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Senior Project

Over the last number of weeks students in Year 10 have been preparing for the commencement of their Christian Service and Solidarity Learning (CSL) Senior Project placement, kicking off either in Term 2 or Term 4.

As part of this, some students have been engaged with induction sessions preparing them to attend their allocated school organised placement. Students placed with Bushcare, Lighthouse Community Kitchen, The Disability Trust and the ERC and West Wollongong Public School homework, attended their respective training sessions which were facilitated by supervisors from the agencies.

Firstly, the sessions facilitated a meet-and greet between the students and their agency supervisors. The sessions supported the students in understanding the expectations and principles required to fully engage in their placement. The sessions also provided insight into the situations of those whom they will be supporting and serving, giving students a sense of the reality and significance of this exciting new step in their CSL journey’s at the College.

The Year 10 students are largely to be congratulated on their commitment to meeting the introductory requirements of the CSL Senior Project. Both students in school and personally organised placements have demonstrated an understanding of the importance of the program, submitting preferences, attending inductions sessions and providing necessary paperwork in anticipation of the commencement of their placement.

The cohort of the Class of 2025 are encouraged to continue to engage in this important component of College life, being mindful not only of the impact they are having, but equally, how they are being impacted by their service.

With the College’s focus being fixed on the touchstone of Gospel Spiritually in 2023, the CSL Senior Project provides students with many opportunities to reflect on and follow the example of Jesus, who recognised the sacred in those who needed help.

Junior CSL Opportunities

Students in Year 7-9 are encouraged to continue to engage with the various CSL Opportunities happening at the College and in the local community. The upcoming school holidays also provide a great opportunity to actively engage in service within local community agencies and sporting clubs etc.

Students across Junior School have demonstrated commitment to the CSL Program in Term 1 as they work towards. Engagement in Clean up Australia Day (Year 7), Try Year 7 for a Day, the College Open Day, Christian Surfers Paddle Against Poverty, Surf life Saving….

Mr Pullella
CSL Coordinator