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Act for Peace Ration Challenge – In Support of Refugees

With Refugee Week officially being recognised next week from 18th-22nd June, many of our student leaders from Years 7-12 bravely volunteered to take part in the Ration Challenge – accompanied by a number of teachers. This initiative involves individuals only eating the same food as that available to refugee in detention for either 5 days (Yr10-12/Staff) or 3 days (Yr7-9). Participants then raise money through sponsorship, which goes to the organisation Act for Peace in order to provide food and medical treatment for Refugee Families in detention centres around the world.

It has been a true struggle for many of the volunteers, with the limited amount of both quantity and variety of food presenting a confronting contrast to the abundance to which we are all accustomed. In spite of this, all participants have done an outstanding job of bearing with the adversity of the situation and of raising awareness of this issue in their families and communities through advocating for sponsorship. We also held a lunchtime event on Thursday, through which others in the school community were invited to join us for a meal of Mudjadara (rice with lentils) for a $5 donation – many thanks to the Hospitality Staff for preparing this.

Our 3 Teams have done an amazing job – raising over $10,000 so far. Special acknowledgement must go to the participants from our Senior SRC who have spear-headed and wholeheartedly supported this initiative. They have truly lived out their call to servant-leadership in the Edmund Rice tradition through their dedication and lived-example throughout this campaign, and continue to be outstanding role-models for our younger students to emulate.

Donations to our 3 teams remain open until the end of refugee week. If you would like to offer your support for the cause our link is:

Mrs Knowles
Liturgy Coordinator