Technology Policy


College Network, Internet, Email and Device Use

Students are responsible for good behaviour on the College computer network.

Access to network services is given to students who agree to act in a considerate and responsible manner. Access is a privilege – not a right.

The intentional abuse of email privileges may result in having the student’s school email account suspended/revoked. Unauthorised access to another person’s email will be treated seriously and will result in disciplinary action.

The College Network Administrator has the right to review files and communications to ensure that users are using the system responsibly. The College has the right to archive emails and store information pertaining to web browsing history. Users should not expect files stored on school servers to be private.

BOYD Expectations

We are requesting that the device be used as an educational learning tool when at the College. Any installation and use of applications/ software/browsers pertaining to social Media (eg Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter etc) and gaming will not be allowed on Student devices. Students with iPads are not to “jailbreak” or put illegal software on their device. This use of technology is not beneficial to learning and should not be installed on any device. Sharing and collaboration is strongly encouraged through the College’s learning framework.

All device must be in a good working condition at all times. Students are to have cracked screens repaired immediately.

Can my device or iPad be taken and/or accessed by the College?

Your access to and usage of laptops, mobiles and other devices (even those owned by you) may be randomly monitored and temporarily withheld and accessed.

Disciplinary action may be taken and files/content may be deleted and your network access suspended if it is believed that:

  • there has been or may be a breach of the College rules/policy; or
  • there may be a threat of harm to a student, others or system security;
  • unacceptable files and/or content is found.

Can students have non-education applications on their device?

The hardware device a student uses is to be used as an educational device at the College. We would like parents to support our stance on social media, games and non-educational applications. Our belief is that the applications are not beneficial to learning and should not be installed on the device. Our intention is that only the recommended applications are installed.

As a responsible user of the College network and the internet, I agree to the following:

  • The College email accounts, blogs, personal web pages, LERA or any other learning based material may be viewed by staff at any time.
  • Whilst at school I will ONLY log on to the Edmund Rice College’s network or any other digital device using only my username and password provided by the College
  • Whilst at school I will ONLY use technology at Edmund Rice College (including the internet) for learning related activities.
  • Take care to check the credentials and reliability of any information obtained from the internet.
  • Treat all learning technologies with respect and due care. Vandalism or any attempt to harm or destroy the data of others will result in the cancellation of my user rights and further disciplinary action.
  • Not modify the application or operating system software provided on my device without the permission of the College Network Administrator.
  • Not access, store or send offensive content on my device.
  • Not send or publish sexually explicit or sexually suggestive material or correspondence.
  • Abide by copyright law by not copying and redistributing another’s work and will acknowledge the owners of copyright works.
  • Not use digital technologies to harass or bully another student. Abide by conventions of etiquette and be respectful of others.
  • Not reveal personal addresses or contact numbers over the internet including my own. Not introduce a virus.
  • Not download or upload data that impacts on the network’s performance.
  • Whilst at school not access social network sites/applications and gaming sites/applications.
  • Ensure my device is fully charged for the commencement of the school day.
  • My parents will be aware of and monitor my use of technological devices and the internet at home.
  • Promptly report to staff any inappropriate material that is accidentally accessed.
  • Promptly report any damage to the hardware and/or software to the IT Support team.
  • Be responsible for the payment of any damage to devices.
  • Transport my device in a suitable protective bag at all times.
  • Understand that my digital identity is my responsibility. Therefore it is imperative to not give my school username and password to any other student at the College.
  • Not use my school email as a primary address for any non-education websites (eg Facebook)
  • Keep my device clean and free of graffiti and stickers.
  • Take all reasonable precautions to ensure that my device is not lost or damaged. Not give my device to others to use.
  • Not use my device in the playground before school, during Recess and Lunch.
  • Must regularly back up data.

What happens if I don’t comply with the College Policy?

I am aware that if I do not use the College’s computer system or devices in accordance with the College expectations, the College may take disciplinary action, including limiting or removing my access to the College’s computer system, or withholding my device, or even suspending or permanently excluding me from the College.

Acceptable Use of ICT by Students