It is the intention of Edmund Rice College to provide the best possible facilities to meet the needs of every boy, across as diverse a range of opportunities and interest areas as he may wish to explore in his learning.

To this end, the completion of the College Master Plan from 2012 to 2018 that earmarked a series of large projects across the school has witnessed the development of a school campus with contemporary and state of the art facilities across all areas of curriculum.

The College buildings, set in a magnificent 9 hectares, provide the perfect backdrop for contemporary and innovate learning for boys.
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College Sports Hall

The Edmund Rice Centre, the new Sports Hall and Gymnasium, was opened on 30th May, 2014. The Centre has a seating capacity of 1500, two indoor basketball courts, a mezzanine level gymnasium, a drama room, a PDHPE classroom and a large foyer which is a large meeting room. 
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College Library

Late in 2014 the College was successful in applying for a $2.05 million Commonwealth Block Grant Authority Grant. The  College embarked on a significant refurbishment and expansion of the College Library. This new Narandha Learning Centre is a state of the art facility that includes an e-learning room, information technology, senior study hall, and large areas where students can research using a rich variety of resources. 
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Creative Arts Centre

In 2018 the College completed a new Creative Arts Block housing 2 Visual Arts Rooms, Senior Art studios, Visual Design and Photography and Pottery. The magnificent facility, located next to the Music Centre in a sylvan setting flanking the Eastern borders of the College has provided the College with an exceptional home for the Arts in the school.
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Music, Rehearsal, and Performance Spaces

As part of the $4 million dollar College expansion in 2015, the College built a new Music centre that includes two music rooms, rehearsal rooms, and two new classrooms.

The ERC Jazz Band and Stage Band can be accommodated for rehearsal in the Br Pelin Hall nearby, part of the music precinct developed for the College.

Acknowledging the need to accommodate valuable privately and school owned instruments, there is a secure storage room for use on rehearsal and lesson days. Instruments include a baby grand piano, electronic keyboards as well as a comprehensive selection of band instruments.

Commercial Kitchen

A large Commercial Kitchen and outdoor café was opened in late 2018. The new commercial kitchen at the College has been specifically designed to meet Australian industry standards. Highly trained teachers with industry experience support students working in these modern facilities. The new facility is part of a refurbishment of TAS facilities that have occurred in the last 2 years.
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Trade Training Centre

Officially opened in November 2010, this first class modern training facility is impressive. It contains $1.3 million dollars worth of new equipment and refurbishment.

This high tech training facility to teach Vocational Education Training in Metal and Engineering has a simulator that is the first of its type in Australia plus a 3D Rapid Profiler.

Students can design a project on a computer screen, convert their drawing to machines language – test in the simulator and if OK, load into the CNC machines and make it.

The facility has lathes, milling machines, surface grinder and two CNC lathes and a four axis CNC Machine Centre. Also included are a fully equipped Fitting area and five Welding bays equipped with MIG and Stick welders, Plasma cutter, Oxy/Acetylene gas welding and a spot welder.

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Technical and Applied Studies

Refurbished additional workshops and STEM rooms completed in 2018 have ensured that the College has kept pace with the growth in technical and applied subjects and Vocational courses over the past 5 years. The College’s introduction to Robotics and STEM and their popularity in recent years have enabled the College to develop these innovative and contemporary spaces.

By providing a resource rich and stimulating work environment with access to computers, workshop machinery, students can delve into the exciting world of design. They have the opportunity to explore design areas such as architecture, industrial design graphic, web and multimedia, using professional level software resources including macromedia products such as Flash and Dreamweaver, CAD programs and model making workshops for the shaping of rigid and non rigid materials.

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The Chapel

The Chapel at Edmund Rice College is dedicated to Edmund Rice, the founder of the Christian Brothers. ‘The design of the Chapel aims at creating a building of great spirituality’ – George Adams, Architect.

The materials used in the construction are all natural organic materials. Stone quarried from earth and timber hewn from forests. The building is deliberately different from other campus buildings having a sculptural symbolism as part of its function. The building is simultaneously a refuge and an open embracing form.

The Chapel is used by the Edmund Rice College community during special times of celebration and to mark significant moments of loss and grief. The Chapel is available for weddings of members of the College community celebrated in the Catholic tradition. Bookings and Enquiries can be made through the Edmund Rice College Office.
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Sporting Facilities

Edmund Rice College has a long tradition of achievement in its sporting endeavours. The College provides regular opportunities each week for boys to be active by integrating sport into the PDHPE program. In addition students have the opportunity to represent in many of the College sporting teams.

The College has extensive and beautifully maintained sporting fields and sports facilities. These include high standard rugby and soccer fields, a touch football field and four outdoor basketball courts.

The sports stadium built in 2015 adds a large gymnasium, 2 indoor basketball courts, and an indoor sports hall. The adjacent Keira Village Park cricket ground provides practice nets and a turf wicket.

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The College Canteen is open from 7.30am for breakfast and closes at 1.30pm. A wide range of cold and hot foods are available at recess breaks with a number of special menus to celebrate significant events. The canteen was refurbished and expanded in 2018. 

Canteen will reopen Term 2, Week 3. New Price List will be posted soon.

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