ereaEdmund Rice Education Australia

Edmund Rice College is a member of Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA), a system of over 50 Schools across Australia.

On 1 October, 2007 Edmund Rice Education Australia assumed responsibility for the oversight of the operation of over 50 schools across Australia that had formerly been the direct responsibility of the Christian Brothers.

Several years of planning led us to the formation of this new body as the Christian Brothers moved from a direct involvement with the operation of schools.

At the same time as EREA was established the various provinces of Christian Brothers in our part of the world came together as a single Oceania Province. Whilst the Brothers have distanced themselves collectively from direct involvement in the oversight of schools, they have not severed the link with their educational mission. Rather they have chosen to direct their energies into other educational areas of outreach both here and overseas.

Edmund Rice Education has a National Board and Executive based in Melbourne, as well as regional centres in other states, to support schools and their operations within the various state educational framework.

The schools operate within an environment of common values expressed through a commitment to the Charter for Catholic Schools in the Edmund Rice Tradition.

The structure of Edmund Rice Education Australia to enable it to carry out its responsibilities is:

  • A COUNCIL with the responsibility of governance of the schools on behalf of the Christian Brothers and to ensure the continuance of the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice in school ministry as Church Mission.
  • A BOARD with responsibility for the management and administration of the school and educational entity system.
  • AN EXECUTIVE TEAM which implements management of the school and educational entity system in regular communication with individual school leadership teams.

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