Year 12 Retreat

Posted on August 18, 2017

October 11, 2017 – October 13, 2017 all-day

Permission note and Equipment List

The Year 12 Retreat takes place this year in Term 4 from 11th-13th October. The Senior Retreat Program contributes significantly to the spiritual and emotional growth and development of your sons and hence attendance at Retreat is a compulsory component of their schooling at Edmund Rice College. There is no additional cost as payment has already been included in your son’s school fees account.

The Retreat will be run by the College Retreat Team and the venues will be as follows:

  • Group 1 (Galston Gorge, Galston)
  • Group 2 (Youthworks Telford, Port Hacking)
  • Group 3 (Merroo Conference Centre 1, Kurrajong)
  • Group 4 (Merroo Conference Centre 3, Kurrajong)
  • Group 5 (Long Point Conference Centre, Long Point)

A celebration of the Eucharist and Reconciliation will take place at each venue.

Buses will depart from the College on Wednesday, 11th October, at 8.15am from Keira Park and return on Friday, 13th October, in time for the normal buses home.

Throughout the Retreat, all students are required to demonstrate the expected behaviours required of all boys who attend Edmund Rice College. This includes zero tolerance in respect of the supply and/or use of alcohol, drugs or other prohibited substances or items brought to the College and/or any associated activity whilst on Retreat. A student who defies this instruction will have his enrolment status reviewed and most likely revoked.

Please ensure that the Medicare number is included on the Acknowledgement Slip. Also please indicate if your son has any special dietary requirements. A separate form for each venue may need to be completed (available from Mr Jackson).

An equipment list is attached.