Uniform Requirements

yrs11-12Edmund Rice College School Uniform

At all times the school uniform is to be worn properly by students.  This includes travelling to and from school and while at school.  This not only includes the various parts of the uniform, but how the uniform is worn.  Shirts should be completely tucked in at all times, top buttons and ties done up properly, as well as shoes being polished and clean.

A written note to your son’s Year Co-ordinator is expected if any exemption is necessary. The exemption will only be granted for a brief period of time.  In addition to the school uniform, the College requires adherence to its expectations regarding grooming and appearance. Students are to be clean shaven and hair styles, which are extreme, outlandish, or attract undue attention are not allowed.  Styles are expected to be reasonably conservative and guided by common sense. Examples of unacceptable styles include: undercuts, layers, steps, lines, mohawks, No.1 grade, marked contrasts in length or shape, long fringes, and rat’s tails. Dyes in the hair which are clearly of an unnatural colour are also not permitted. 

Years 11 & 12 (All year round)

  • College grey trousers (worn with grey/stripe socks);

  • Plain black belt (to be worn at all times);
  • Ice blue shirt with College logo
  • Plain, black, polishable leather school shoes;
  • College black blazer with tie
    (compulsory in Terms 2 and 3 / optional in Terms 1 and 4);
  • ERC red jumper/vest (worn under blazer in colder weather)


Years 7 – 10 Summer Uniform (Terms 1 & 4)

  • College grey trousers (worn with black or grey socks), OR
  • College grey shorts (worn with grey/stripe socks)
  • Plain black belt (to be worn at all times)
  • Ice blue shirt with College logo;
  • Plain, black, polishable leather school shoes;
  • ERC red jumper with tie
  • ERC jacket (red, black & white) with tie.

Note: Jacket optional for cooler weather

Years 7 – 10 Winter Uniform (Terms 2 & 3)

  • College grey trousers (worn with grey/stripe socks)

  • Plain black belt (to be worn at all times)

  • Shirt with College logo AND TIE

  • Plain, black, polishable leather school shoes
  • ERC red jumper and tie
  • ERC jacket (red, black & white) and tie

Note: Jacket is optional but both jacket and jumper can be worn on colder days in winter


This is worn by all students during practical lessons:

  • Red polo shirt with College logo
  • Plain black sports shorts, AND/OR
  • Plain black tracksuit pants;
  • College sports socks;
  • Lace up joggers


Sporting Representative Uniform

When representing the College boys wear the College PE polo shirt and plain black shorts or plain black tracksuit pants.  They can also wear the College jacket (red, black & white) as part of this outfit.

Additional Uniform Information

  • Caps/Hats  –  These must be plain black.
  • School bags – These must be basically black.
  • School shoes – Being plain black, means making sure when buying them, that they have no other colours as part of their make-up, including the laces.
  • Singlets & T-shirts – Plain white only (when permission is granted)

Jewellery / Body Piercing

Students may wear a simple necklace, bracelet and ring. In Years 11 and 12 only, students may also wear one simple earring or ear stud. No other items or inserts are permitted.

These privileges may be revoked for those students who cannot abide by the expectations stated above.

Uniform Shop Details

The Uniform Shop is located next to the Canteen and is open Tuesday 1.00pm – 4.00pm and Thursday 7.30am – 11.30am during term time.