Enrolment Policy


  • The College’s foundation in the traditions and teachings of the Catholic Church is fundamental to its existence. There is a programmed system of instruction in the Catholic Faith as well as provision for experiences that assist students to explore their spirituality culminating in the senior retreat programme.
  • The College welcomes and respects students from other Religious traditions and it is our experience that they feel no tension with our expectations.
  • Preference for enrolment will be given to boys currently attending Catholic Primary Schools and to Catholic boys attending Government Schools. However, our current College Community does include boys and families from other Christian and non-Christian faith traditions and we continue to invite and welcome such applications.

The College endeavours to be a living Christian Community through the way in which we treat each other and develop positive relationships through our programmes and practices. A programme of Christian Service operates through Years 7-12.

  • It is appropriate to infuse all study wherever possible with insights provided by Catholic teachings and values so that knowledge, culture and faith are integrated.

Criteria for Enrolment

 1.  Children from families who are prepared to be supportive of the life and teachings of the Catholic Church and agree to adhere to the religious practices, educational ideals and financial requirements of the College.

2.  Priority is given in the following order, except in special circumstances (see 3 – Bases of Discretion)

     2.1  Children with siblings already enrolled in the College

     2.2  Children of practicing Catholic families

     2.3  Children of Catholic families

     2.4  Children enrolled in Catholic primary schools

     2.5  Children of Orthodox or other Christian families

     2.6  All other children

     2.7  No Catholic child is to be excluded from enrolment on the basis of a genuine inability to pay fees

3.  Special consideration may be given to individual cases to individual cases, schools and situations, as determined by local circumstances, for the following reasons:

     3.1  Sons of fathers who are ‘Old Boys’ of the College

     3.2  Siblings of students currently enrolled at St Mary’s Star of the Sea College, Wollongong

     3.3  Catholic students transferring from interstate or overseas

     3.4  Parents’ intentions with regard to their own and their children’s search for faith in education

     3.5  Family situations necessitating a pastoral approach or requiring the exercise of compassion

     3.6  Family circumstances regarding mobility

In all matters of enrolment the Principal has the right to exercise discernment in the acceptance of individual students in the enrolment process.

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