Parent Forum


Parent Forum

The Parent Forum meets at 7pm for General Meetings in the Edmund Rice Centre at least once a term. In addition, there are scheduled Executive meetings to ensure the organisation is run effectively and efficiently.  All members of the Parent Forum are welcome to attend the Executive meetings if there are topics of particular interest. 

(Feedback, requests or communication with the Parent Forum may be made at any time. Please address these C/O Edmund Rice College.)

Parent Forum Profile:

How do we see ourselves?

The Edmund Rice College Parent forum exists to support the College and its endeavours to provide a complete education for the students who attend.  The objectives of the Parent Forum are formally listed as a series of statements that reflect the values of the parent/guardian body, the expectations and the agreed focus of parents’ efforts in supporting the College.  There is a strong theme of leadership and an acceptance of responsibility to contribute to the betterment of society and to promote a Christian environment in the tradition of Edmund Rice.

Who are we?

The Parent Forum is made up of the parent body and those responsible carers for the boys who attend.  Other members can be those friends and citizens who are committed to the Parent Forum’s ideals and share similar values.  There is an Executive Committee made up of office bearers of the Parent Forum.  This Committee is responsible for the management of the organisation, developing strategies and achieving objectives for and by the parent body.  The Executive has the stewardship role of the Parent forum, managing its assets and resources in the best interests of its current and future membership.  They are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Parent Forum, with a nominal term of a calendar year.

Parent Forum Executive 2017

President: Senka Stemberger

Deputy President: Darren Johnson

Secretary: Robert Tomasiello

Treasurer: Jenny Dunkerly


How do we operate?

The management of the Parent Forum is supported by documented roles and responsibilities and a constitution.

The Parent Forum can only succeed with the support of its members.  The tangible support from members is the attendance at College and Parent Forum meetings and functions, generally held about once a term.  Help in the organisation of functions/events is also a necessary ingredient for their success.  There are committees established for each function/event and members are encouraged to participate by contacting the Committee Co-ordinator.

Information about upcoming events is in the school newsletter, or specific flyers and the school website, which contains regular published Minutes of past meetings.

We sincerely welcome you to the school community and encourage your participation in the ERC Parent Forum.

ERC Parent Forum Constitution 2013

ERC Parent Forum Consitution By-laws

Why a Parent Forum?

A Parent Council was formed in 2008 following the continued challenge of attracting and retaining parent interest and involvement. The Parent Forum does not operate in the traditional format of a P&F Association (such as fundraising) but continues to perform an important function as a conduit of communication between the College, the parent body and the wider community. The Parent Forum meets between 6 – 7 times a year on a Tuesday. The current Parent Forum structure is informal with the appointment of four office bearers who share the conduct of the meetings. To adhere to the constitution the Parent Council is required to hold an election each year.

 All parents, especially new families, are warmly invited to come along!