Why Edmund Rice College?

whyedmundriceEdmund Rice College has been educating boys in a single- sex environment since 1926. Its overall philosophy around boys’ education is embedded in its history. It influences all decision making in relation to a student population which is economically, academically, socially, and culturally diverse. It is Catholic in both its spiritual and educational life.

Edmund Rice College is a learning community that embraces inclusion and welcomes diversity. Our College is proud of the cultural mix of its students and tailors a broad range of programs and activities to the individual needs and interests of its students. We value every boy’s individuality and they learn to value each other.

We provide a safe, happy and secure school environment in which boys receive the right balance of boundaries, high expectations and freedom to explore within them.

The College welcomes the spirituality of your son in a caring environment that prioritises partnerships between parents, families and communities and the College. The ethos of Edmund Rice promotes a liberal education and a service to others which shapes our school culture and informs the learning that takes place. In a College that promotes student leadership and encourages students to embrace a broader range of artistic, cultural, sporting, musical and dramatic opportunities, the College proudly recognises its key goal of nurturing the journey of each of its students from boys into fine young men. This is in keeping with research and our experience that suggests that boys are less self conscious if educated in single-sex schools.

By attending a boys’ school such as Edmund Rice College, your son is more likely to achieve academically and to embrace a greater range of extra curricular experiences than he would in a co-educational school.