2018 Chromebook Purchasing

Posted on October 10, 2017

After due consideration, the College has decided for Year 7 students in 2018 to use a Google Chromebook laptop.

The deployment of the Google Chromebook laptops for Year 7 students in 2018 will offer transparent and focused learning. The device is completely managed by the IT Department ensuring students can access the internet immediately and most importantly, safely, whilst at school. Students will not be able to access gaming applications and social media sites. Our research indicates that the Google Chromebook laptop is a leading device in many countries around the world due to its simple and robust design and the way it directly complements the world’s leading Google applications (e.g. Google Classroom, Google Drive, and a variety of Google applications).

The procedure for purchasing the Google Chromebook is as follows:

  1. All parents must purchase the Google Chromebook from the Edmund Rice College Payment Portal using the following byochromebook.com/edmund-rice-college. The password is erc2017.
  2. This online portal will give you the option to include insurance for damage, and the possibility of ordering other accessories such as a protective cover. We strongly encourage parents to also look at their current home and contents insurance, which may include protection for damage.
  3. The Google Chromebook device will be delivered to the College. This will allow the College’s IT Department to configure the item in readiness to distribute to students in Term 1 during the Year meeting (the date for this meeting is yet to be advised).

Should you require any information about the Google Chromebook and/or assistance in using the online portal to purchase it, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Sirianni at the College.

The complete information note can be accessed here.